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A Few Items on my Bookshelf

A Few Projects 

Below are some of the products, partnerships, and projects I engaged in with this organization

Content Development Specialist 

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Through the guidance from Tom Malarkey and Stephen Chang from National Equity Project (NEP), we are using the Liberatory Design Process to help us understand how to (Re)design our NTN services with a strong focus on equity.

How are you designing for equity?


Download your own Liberatory Design Card Deck here.


  • NTN Curriculum Frameworks

    • A scope and sequence of projects for grades K-5, including power standards, learning outcomes, rubrics, daily lessons, and project scenarios. ​

  • NTN Practices Card Deck

    • A compilation of cultural and instructional practices ​that support educators to disrupt opportunity gaps.

  • NTN Anti-Racist Design Principles​ 

    • A reflection tool to ground resources in anti-racist/anti-bias beliefs, practices and design processes.

  • Contributions to Learning Policy Institute

Kim Cawkwell –

2019 Annual Review

Kimberly is an incredible asset to New Tech Network. She is hard-working, detail-oriented, and demonstrates tremendous empathy for our range of clients. I frequently collaborate with Kim on special projects and she is a strong listener, always providing helpful feedback and concrete suggestions to improve my work and learning. She is generous with her time and knowledge base and always willing to pitch in and collaborate. Currently we are co-designing an elementary SEL workshop to use with a variety of clients, and Kim's feedback and ideas have been invaluable to the project. We also collaboratively made an SEL tutorial video last year, and Kim was wonderful to work with and always willing to the extra mile (script writing, dealing with technology, designing our slideshow, drafting the communication, etc.). Kim takes feedback very seriously, both from her colleagues and our clients. Kim is highly approachable, positive, and has a can-do attitude. She is a joy to work with and has pushed me to professionally be my best and always seek more. In terms of areas for growth, I am struggling to find anything specific. Kim works incredibly hard and makes meaningful contributions to our network through her development of content resources and willingness to continuously collaborate with her peers. I think Kim could improve in her work-life balance and specifically carving out time for her own self-care. With a full plate at NTN and two little ones, she gets it all done with a smile, but I think that could help her work-life balance and keep her going sustainably with the demands of our work. I am so grateful I get to work with Kim; she is an asset to our organization and I know she will continue to grow and thrive in our work.

- Alexandra Whitehead, School Development Coach

2019 Midyear Review


I feel so fortunate to have Kim on the ILR team and contributing to the content design work. As a member of the Teacher Design Team, Kim has focused much of her work on the design of the practice cards.  Kim has gone above and beyond in the design of the cards, working diligently to ensure they align to key drivers of opportunity and reflect research-based practices.  Her deep knowledge of teaching and learning and attention to detail has resulted in a robust and well-designed product that is grounded in equity.  This was no small task and I greatly appreciate all of her hard work on this project.  I’m excited about the many opportunities the practice cards offer in regard to supporting teachers in deepening their practice around creating more student-centered learning environments. 


To say that Kim is a valuable member of the team is an understatement.  Kim is highly organized, thoughtful, reflective, and deeply knowledgeable.  I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know Kim this year and have been impressed with both how she shows up and the work she produces. Kim is a learner and doesn’t hesitate to seek out feedback and diverse perspectives. She’s also willing to lend support to her colleagues when needed, as demonstrated by all of the support she provided to the Virtual Workshop team and School Workshop team.  Kim has also been a helpful voice in other parts of the organization, including the elementary team and offering her thoughts on some of our DEI work.  Moving forward, I would like to find more ways for Kim to expand her voice in the organization, as she has a great deal to offer.  I’m also hoping that some of Kim’s focus can shift to the curriculum frameworks and project design. Within that, I encourage her to revisit her learning goal around looking at high quality curriculum models.  I also encourage her to work with Alix to consider ways that we can proactively assess the use of the practice cards and collect feedback to inform future revisions. 


Thank you, Kim for all of your hard work this year.  I’m excited to continue the journey with you! 



Megan Pacheco, Chief Learning Officer
New Tech Network™

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