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Curriculum Vitae

In my time listening to educators, visiting classrooms, and coaching for systemic change in school districts, the one unfaltering value that all communities hold is the love for young people. This love drives the late nights, endless conversations, and deep efforts to cultivate beautiful thriving learning communities. I'm honored to be a part of these threads, committed to the journey of serving and lifting up young people, woven throughout time.

Learn more about these threads below.

Director of Programs

Challenge Success


  • In collaboration with the CS Leadership Team, help set organizational direction, priorities, and goals and align efforts across the organization.

  • In collaboration with the Executive Director, identify strategic priorities for the Program Team, set annual goals, and develop a project plan to meet those goals.

  • Partner with the Executive Director to represent the organization externally, as necessary.

  • Collaborate with the Executive Director and Director of Strategic Initiatives to assess the feasibility and merit of potential new projects, collaborations, grants, and/or partnerships for Challenge Success. 

  • Support cultivating and maintaining relationships with school/district partners (i.e., inquiries, outreach). Collaborate with the Communications & Marketing staff to coordinate efforts.

  • Plan Program Team meetings focused on progress monitoring and team learning around school transformation, coaching, equity, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Oversee efforts to track schools' progress and collaborate with Program Team members to identify implications for current service delivery; identify patterns and needs across schools.

  • Maintain active involvement in each program area to provide direction and support as needed; foster a culture of continuous improvement and identify opportunities for refinement and development of CS content/products with an emphasis on equity and access.

  • Lead efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of the School Program and collaborate with the Research Team to identify opportunities for measuring impact.

  • Manage a staff of at least 5 Program Team members providing overall direction & coaching that supports high-quality performance and individual development.

  • Assess staffing needs and lead efforts to ensure appropriate staffing to deliver on contracted services, including recruiting, hiring, and evaluating external coaches/contractors and overseeing coaching assignments.

Content Development Specialist

New Tech Network


  • Center National Equity Project’s Liberatory Design Process (e.g., Embody liberatory mindsets, engage in empathy interviews, defining needs through Improvement Science tools, design in cycles of iteration, and practice active reflection of biases.) to codify resources and reduce complexity of the New Tech Network model. 

  • Develop workshops, supports, and resources to foster equitable opportunities.

  • Products include but not limited to K-12 Project-Based Learning Units for the NTN Curriculum Frameworks, equity-centered practices for the NTN Practices Cards, 3-year trajectory of workshops, leader and teacher competencies, foundational math and lIteracy alongside resources, and elementary virtual learning examples and supports.

  • Facilitate learning sessions at annual New Tech Network Conference

  • Leverage intersection of NEP’s Liberatory Design Process and EquityXDesign Principles to develop Anti-Racist Design Principles.

  • Co-develop external facing Equity Commitments and practices. Collaborate across internal/external teams to unpack historical narratives of NTN model and leverage design processes to innovate new structures/practices towards becoming an anti-racist organization

  • Supported SoLD Design Principles Whole Child Policy Toolkit

School Development Coach

New Tech Network


  • Provided coaching, training, and consulting services to a New Tech school sites 

  • Assisted school site leadership to develop a collaborative professional environment that uses data-driven decision-making protocols, reflective practices, and critical analysis of benchmarks to ensure continued school improvement.

  • Assisted New Tech teachers in the development and implementation of standards-based, rigorous and relevant project-based learning units measured against specified quality benchmarks.

  • Provided online and onsite support and training of the NTN Learning Management System (Echo).

  • Actively contributed to the NTN online professional environment by developing resources, reviewing submitted projects and resources, and identifying and collecting best practices from throughout the network.

  • Worked collaboratively with members of the NTN staff in face-to-face, virtual and online environments to ensure that the needs of the client are being met.

  • Provided regular written reports on the progress at the school after each site visit and document all additional services/interventions provided to the school site.

Classroom Teacher & BTSA Mentor

High Tech Elementary North County


  • A founding staff member of High Tech Elementary North County 

  • Development of curriculum, vision and logistics for new school

  • Work mentioned in EdSurge Article (The Key to 21st Century Classrooms Isn't Tech. It's Evolved Teaching.)

  • Led several on-site professional development sessions in designing project-based learning and deeper learning practices

  • 4th grade teacher & HTH GSE BTSA mentor (7/14-6/15)

  • 2nd grade teacher & HTH GSE BTSA mentor (7/13-6/14)

  • University of California - San Diego Classroom Mentor Teacher

  • Founder and co-teacher of HTe Student Collaborative Committee  (7/14-6/15)

  • Founder and co-teacher of HTe Robotics Club  (7/14-6/15)

Educational Leader Advisor

High Tech High Graduate School of Education

06/22 - Present

High Tech High Graduate School

  • Develop resources & co-facilitate Improvement Science Practices to support Capstone Project for M.Ed students around Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy & Community Engagement

  • 1:1 Coaching 


10/19- 06/22

  • High Tech High Graduate School

  • EDU 610 Course Facilitator

  • Develop content and curriculum for 6-week course 

  • Co-facilitate M.Ed course Conditions for Deeper Learning

  • Provide assessment and feedback for participants​

  • Manage LMS System

Lead Designer, Pedagogy & Innovation

Center for Love & Justice

8/21 - 10/22

  • Design and Facilitate Programming for 1-4 Year Partnerships

  • Develop strategic plan and scope of work for partnering K-12 districts to activate Liberatory Project Based Learning

  • Develop and implement Community Ethnography (learning walks, surveys, empathy interviews, etc.)

  • Analyze data with National Equity Project’s Lens of Systemic Oppression to analyze conditions for success and partnership priorities to inform strategic plan.

  • Co-facilitate and design professional learning Immersion events (virtual and in-person)

  • Design resources, content, professional learning, digital portfolio, partnership proposals, and all necessary items to support each partnership.

  • Design and curate metrics & outcomes for partnerships. Leveraging data pre, mid, and post partnerships to support strategic transformation.

  • Host and facilitate division leadership conversations around strategic support and system wide transformation in K-12 districts.

  • Co-Design and support district coaches, teachers, and district leaders to lead Liberatory PBL practices and structures in K-12 ecosystems

  • 1:1 thought partnership and coaching, professional learning events, and school-wide and classroom observations.

  • Leveraging Liberatory Inquiry Cycle to support combined practices of Carnegie’s Improvement Science and National Equity Project’s Liberatory Design Process to engage educators in praxis 

  • Partnership/Project Management - Coaching/Managing 2-4 project liasians to co-design, coach, facilitate and support various partnerships

  • Design Digital Resources to Amplify Equity Stances (belonging, identity, democratization, liberation, dialogue and place)

  • Host, facilitate, and support convenings (such as the Deeper Learning Conference and District-Wide Convenings)

  • Unpacking self, and engaging in active reflection to center liberatory and regenerative practices within own workspace

Mature Schools Coach

New Tech Network


  • Virtual coaching, and consulting services to veteran New Tech Network elementary schools in support of implementation and sustainability of the NTN Model

  • Leverage anti-racist practices and processes, such as engaging leaders in cycles of self-reflection to build awareness of biases, assessment of learning organization in service of equity, and coaching towards student driven Problem and Project-Based Learning units that cultivate responsiveness, agency, collaboration, criticality, and knowledge and skills in service of community justice. 

  • Co-Design and facilitate virtual workshops/studio sessions that attend to specific needs arising from in-network schools.. Leverage questions and resources from school partners to design learning experiences.

Leadership & Professional Learning Specialist

University of San Diego’s Jacob's Institute for Innovation in Education 


  • Supported and collaborated with local and national school districts to create systematic change.

  • Coached and mentored school site leaders (Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principles), teacher leaders, and teacher cohorts

  • Engaged in continuous cycles of coaching and feedback with variety of school stakeholders

  • Designed and facilitated professional learning experiences based on school site/district outcomes and needs

  • Developed institute resources and digital media supports 

  • Co-designed and facilitated USD conference workshops

  • Conducted learning walk observations with partnering schools

  • Engaged in Needs Assessments with school districts to determine “readiness” factors prior to partnerships

  • Supported Deeper Learning, Crucial Conversations and StrengthsFinder approaches with school districts

  • Presented to partnering District Office Board members tri-annually to inform, listen, and co-develop next steps for partnership

  • Accessed and used research to improve practice. (Leveraged Improvement Science and Design Thinking Processes to guide work)

  • Networking and social media responsibilities (including conference attendance, Twitter, and contributions to USD website)

  • Engaged community stakeholders to elicit input on district priorities

  • Project Leadership: Fallbrook and Oceanside Unified School Districts. Co-Support: El Paso, Santee, and Pasadena Unified School District

M.Ed Graduate Course Instructor & PBL Consultant

High Tech High Graduate School of Education


  • Co-designed and facilitated 6-week course on designing for deeper learning

  • Provided feedback to course participants

  • Ongoing coaching and support

  • Graded final project assignments

  • Managed LMS to support coursework

  • Provided feedback and contributions to reading forum

  • Led on-site and off-site professional development in designing project-based learning and deeper learning practices (Workshop Examples: PBL 101, Critique & Beautiful Work, Looking at Student Work, Exhibitions of Learning, Learning Environments)​


YMCA & Pasadena Community Center


YMCA Tutor

Learning Tutor

  • Provided 1:1 tutoring for K-12 students at the YMCA

Pasadena Volunteer Tutor

Learning Tutor

  • Provided 1:1 tutoring for K-12 students at the Pasadena Community Center

PSAT & SAT Tutor

Princeton Review


  • Tutored 10-12th graders with PSAT & SAT with Princeton Review materials

  • Facilitated materials with small groups, classrooms and 1:1 settings.

Classroom Teacher & Math Specialist

High Tech Elementary Chula Vista


  • A founding staff member of High Tech Elementary Chula Vista
  • 4th Grade PBL Teacher

  • University of California - San Diego Classroom Mentor Teacher

  • Led professional development in designing learning environments

  • Staff support for Family Collaborative Fundraising Committee

  • Elementary mathematics thought partner

Classroom Teacher & GATE Science Instructor

Rancho De La Nación, National School District


  • Combo class 36 students for 3rd/4th Grade

  • Led, designed and implemented after school 3rd-5th grade science curriculum using FOSS materials and inquiry-based approaches

  • Led professional learning on iMovie product curation

Instructional Aid

Newport Mesa Unified School District


  • Led an after school class of 12-16 elementary students

  • Led, designed and implemented after school curriculum



University of California - Riverside

B.A. Liberal Arts: Sociology & Education

Dean's Honor Roll


University of California - Berkeley

Sociology of Religion ​Course


University of California - San Diego

M.Ed - Master of Education & Multiple Subject Credential

  • Elementary Mathematics Emphasis Certificate (EMEC)

  • UCSD Graduate Grant 2009-2010

  • GATE Certificate Courses


High Tech High Graduate School

Participation in M.Ed Teacher Leadership

Clear Multiple Subject Credential

- BTSA Program



Professional Learning

Coaching for Equity (2023)

BIPOC Management Training (2022)

Racial and Equity Liberation (2022)

EquityXDesign (2020)

Equity Matters Training (2019)

Dr. Tehia Starkey Glass “Anti-Racism in Urban Education” (2019)

New Tech Network Annual Conference (2019-2021)

National Equity Project (2018-2020)

Crucial Conversations (2017)

High Tech High Deeper Learning Conference (2015-2019, 2021)

Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education (2016)

Stanford Design School Training (2015)

High Tech High Odyssey (2013)

National Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) Conference (2011-2012)

California Mathematics Council (CMC) Conference (2011-2012)

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification (2010)

A few keynote & conference presentations

Below is a taste of a few of the places I have been fortunate to visit. I met such incredible people in each of these locations and I'm honored to have had a moment to be in community with them. Thank you for welcoming me.

Taoyuan Private Peng Peng Forest Kindergarten

Taoyuan, Taiwan

A 1-day educational consultancy

RenHe Elementary School 

Taoyuan, Taiwan

A 1-day educational consultancy

School 21

Stratford, England 

Supported 2-days of curriculum development and models of critique

Hartsholme School

Lincoln, England 

Supported 2-days of curriculum development and models of critique

City Neighbors Charter School

Baltimore, Maryland

Facilitated a 1-day professional development session in designing critique, revision and multiple drafts

Mecklenburg County Public Schools

South Hill, Virginia

Facilitated a 4 day professional development session in designing project-based learning curriculum

High Tech High

San Diego, California

Presented at High Tech High Oydssey: Summer, Fall & Winter Residencies, Equity & Innovation Day

Workshop presentation on Empowering Student Voice

Facilitated as a High Tech Elementary BTSA Mentor and facilitated Learning Seminars

University of San Diego

San Diego, California

Presented at the USD Future Ready Symposium "Empowering Student Voice to Drive Learning"

Open Education Resources Summit

Anaheim, California 

Co-facilitated discussion on professional learning structures and practices

Collinwood High School

Cleveland, Ohio

Supported 1-day of curriculum development on project-based learning

Bridges Academy

San Jose, CA

Supported 1-day of curriculum development on project-based learning

New Tech Network + Beyond NTAC

Orlando, FL

Facilitated a 3 day conference including NTN101, Thinking Beyond Deficits, Community Circles and NTN Practices Cards, Rituals and Routines to Empower Student Voice

Deeper Learning Conference

San Diego, California

- Presented 2021 "Antiracist Design Principles for the Courageous Disruptor"

- Presented 2023 "Cultivating a Deep Sense of Belonging"

Center for Creative Education Keynote

West Palm Beach, FL

Key note presentation on designing art-centered projects

Hopewell City Schools

Hopewell, Virginia

Designed & Co-Facilitated district wide keynote

Ulster Boces Conference

New Paltz, New York

Facilitated a 1-day workshop on Liberatory Journey Mapping

Montebello USD

Montebello, CA

Facilitated 4-day training on Liberatory Project-Based Learning 

Marin Academy

San Rafael, CA

Shared keynote workshop on connectedness & belonging

Wellness Together Conference

Anaheim, CA

Presented session "Rooted in Culture: Nurturing Wellbeing, Fostering Belonging, and Igniting Learning through Culturally Sustaining Practices"

Village Academy School

Delray Beach, FL

Facilitated a 2-day session on Liberatory Practices (empathy interviews, intergenerational fishbowl, why stories)


Baltimore, MD

Las Vegas, NV

Presented "Unseen and Unheard: AAPI Mental Health"

RenHe Elementary School 

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Facilitated a 1-day educational consultancy

RenHe Elementary School 

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Facilitated a 1-day educational consultancy

Technical & Adaptive Skills


  • Mandarin, Beginner Spanish & Beginner Taiwanese


  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

  • Google Apps For Education

  • Slack

  • Airtable

  • Pages, Keynote & Graphic Design

  • Canva Design Tools

  • Cricut

  • Website design (e.g. WIX, GOOGLE)


  • Public Speaking & Presentation

  • Task and Project Management

  • Relational Development

  • Strategic Development

Passions outside of education ecosystems:

  • Daughters (Brooklyn & Brynlie)

  • Relearning Taiwanese culture

  • Baking, woodworking, crocheting, and Cricut Explore Air

  • Understanding place and ecosystems



You made it to the end! Thank you so much for spending the time to learn about my journey. Throughout my years in education, I have been blessed to meet so many incredible adults and youth who are working together to create a more just and joyful futures. It is through these moments where I am inspired and refueled to continue this journey. In one of my endeavors, I met two incredible artists who shared this invocation with me. I pass it on to you in hopes to continue our connection and inspire you on your own quest to cultivate more loving and equitable spaces. 

The Invocation for a New World by Emanuel H. Brown


We are not alone. We are not singularities existing with no connections. We are woven. A thread in the tapestry of all that has been, is, and will be. We are matter diffused by light; simultaneously, the infinite point and the never-ending wave. We open the channels for evolution to emerge. We are not alone. We are woven.


We are here. We legions of souls are gathered together for the sake of our freedom. We are side-by-side in our becoming. We are holding each other’s light. We are here. We mend what is broken and release that which no longer serves. We trust in the strength of our backs, hearts, and voice. We are here. We are breaking the patterns, bringing ourselves into accountability, and telling our stories of grief and rebuilding. We uncover what has been smothered by greed.


We are not alone. We are woven.


We are together - we, family of matter benders. We, gatherers of cosmic dust and rememberers of ancestors’ dreams. We, shapers of infinity. Creators of new worlds trying to break through. We are embodying rest. We are together. We are making our jubilation manifest. We surrender to being new. We are not alone. We are woven.

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