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Institute for Innovation in Education

A Few Projects I'm Working On

Below are some of the products, partnerships, and projects I am working on in this organization. 


Oceanside Unified School District

Since I joined IEE in 2015, I have been working with Oceanside Unified School District. My role in supporting the district has shifted from a support role to now a project lead. From coaching teacher leaders and facilitating professional learning, I have been given opportunities to partner and learn from educators throughout the school district. Working alongside central office and site-leaders, I was tasked to develop professional learning aligned to the needs of the district. Examples of professional learning that I designed and implemented are focused around inquiry-based learning, project-based learning and meaningful technology integration. Through cycles of professional learning, participants co-designed learner profiles, school-wide essential elements of active learning, and units of study for their schools.

It has been a pleasure working with the thoughtful and passionate educators in Oceanside Unified School District! 

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 7.48.05 PM.png

Learning Space Design Project

In collaboration with Julie Cramer, Ph.D, I was given the wonderful opportunity to support schools in designing innovative learning spaces for their students. Through the Learning Space Design Project, we partnered with schools and districts to (re)design learning environments that align to future ready learning spaces. Grounded in our core pillars of flexibility, transparency, connectedness and collaboration, this initiative empowered the learning space to foster teacher and student agency in schools.




A Catalyst for Change

Connected with  Learner & Futuristic

Clifton StrengthsFinder Actionable Steps: 

- Be a catalyst for change. Others might be intimidated by new rules, new skills, or new circumstances. Your willingness to soak up this newness can calm their fears and spur them to action. Take this responsibility seriously.

-Your Futuristic talents could equip you to be a guide or coach for others. Unlike you, they might not be able to easily see over the horizon. If you catch a vision of what someone could be or do, don't assume that he or she is aware of that potential. Share what you see as vividly as you can. In doing so, you may inspire someone to move forward.

LPL Job Specifications:

1) Works with leadership to create new and innovative systems to support leader/teacher development

2) Models and engages clients in creative and innovative learning experiences.

3) Promotes instructional strategies that address issues of diversity and equity in the classroom & challenging the status quo.

4) Conversations to push clients while still managing the relationship. Learning to navigate peer dynamic.


Collaborating with site leadership, I have tried my best to be a catalyst for change by designing new experiences to engage participants. For example, at Palmquist Elementary I designed an experiential fieldwork for educators to engage in the lens of a learner. Through a mini inquiry-based learning project, educators went out to Oceanside Harbor to interview experts to investigate questions and see what's possible for learning.

Within my design, I also try my best to help teachers address issues of diversity and equity. Through text-based protocols & experiences such as interviewing students, I try to engage clients in conversations to again help them unearth what is possible for teaching and learning.

Seek Opportunities to Grow

by Learning & Sharing

Connected with  Learner & Input

Clifton StrengthsFinder Actionable Steps:  

Honor your desire to learn. Take advantage of adult educational opportunities in your community. Discipline yourself to sign up for at least one new academic or adult learning. 

- Look for jobs in which you are charged with acquiring new information each day, such as teaching, research or journalism.

- Input without output can lead to stagnation. Identify situations in which you can share the information you have collected with other people.

LPL Job Specifications:

1) Sharing what you are learning & working on with a larger network through blogging, conference attendance, social media

2) Staying up to date on best practices



I love to learn and I believe this is a strength I have shown at the IEE. Since returning, I have jumped right into the scene to learn about ways I can support the team and move the work forward. I am trying to be more proactive with curating and sharing things I learn. Sometimes I want to learn so much that this impacts the balance in my life. (An area for growth) 






Professional Learning Portfolio

Collaborate on Quality Work

Connected with  Responsibility

Clifton StrengthsFinder Actionable Steps: 

Align yourself with others who share your sense of responsibility. You will flourish when working with people who share your determination to get things done.

-Working with a like-minded, responsible colleague is satisfying for you. Be sure to clarify expectations and boundaries so that each person can feel ownership for his or her particular tasks - without stepping on each other's toes.

- Responsible individuals like to know they have "delivered" on their commitments, so create metrics and goals to gauge how effectively you meet your obligations. Also, make sure you have split and concrete expectations so that there is no question regarding quality outcomes and so that you can hit the mark as promised.

LPL Job Specification:

1) Fostering and Participating in Collaborative Culture

2) Complete the projects assigned in a timely manner

3) Manage personal time & schedule​


I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with others on quality work. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in completing items of value. I love taking time to be creative and have freedom to produce these deliverables and I value the experiences and challenges in putting them together. I feel I have done well in completing the project assigned to me in a timely manner and been able to manage the tasks.


Created a booklet for SBUSD's Innovation Expo

CUE iBook

iBook created to support the team with sharing their work at ECHS


Website created to document professional learning

Ready, Set, Design!

Poster created for SBUSD Fair

Palmquist Elementary Teacher

Oceanside Unified School District

"The training was fantastic; one of the best yet. For the first time I experiences what it was like to really work with others as a TEAM. The first time I felt like everyone's input was valued. Kim was such an integral part of the process. Love her!" -

Director of School Services

Fallbrook Elementary Unified School District

"Thank you so much for all you've done for me and our district. Your support has been invaluable!"

ELD Teacher

Oceanside Unified School District

"If we want to create thinkers, teachers need to be thinkers first and engage in enriching practices and strategies to support our students. Thanks so much for your patience and sharing your knowledge." 

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